The Story


The history of Hotel Tiffany begins in the 60s when Piero Gatti and his wife Elsa, after managing a grocery store for nine years and after a first experience as hoteliers with the Hotel Elsa in Marina Massa, decide to put their strenghts in a new ambitious project called Hotel Tiffany.

The first summer "season" of the new Hotel Tiffany is the one of 1967 during which Piero and Elsa, soon helped by thier sons Marco and Roberto, immediately begin to see their efforts rewarded. In fact, thanks to the utmost dedication shown towards their guests and traditional quality and tasty cuisine the hotel is always in great demand, giving hospitality to thousands of vacationers moving every summers on the beaches of this beautiful part of the Tuscan Coast.


In 1985, the firm will to improve services, leads to a first major expansion, followed by a renovation in 1990 that will make the Tiffany one of the most modern and appreciated hotels in the area.


After the death of his father Piero, the management of the family business passed to his son Roberto which, with the fundamental help of with his wife Stefania, continues to work harda to offer an increasingly higher service. Marble floors, clean and tidy rooms are the quality that permettied the Hotel Tiffany to expand the number loyal customers, often creating with them a strong friendship that still lasts nowadays.


Between 2011 and 2015 new renovations saw the birth of a modern lift and more bright and spacious common areas, while in the dining room, also renovated, a little oasis of flat palnts.

Today, the 27 rooms can count on new and modern bathrooms with comfortable showers, elegant porcelain stoneware flooring and other amenities.


Roberto and Stefania, continue to pursue the goal of a quality service to all their guests, thanks to the indispensable help of a close-knit and reliable staff and of their two children Pietro and Carlotta who are ready to represent the third generation of a family tradition in hospitality that has continued for 50 years.


The story of Hotel Tiffany

The Beginning
First major expansion
Last renovation
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